Vehicle Care During The Harmattan Season

Vehicle Care During The Harmattan Season

Harmattan can be said to be a very dry, dusty easterly or north easterly wind occurring from December, the end of a year to January, the beginning of the next year.

Harmattan is known to carry large amount of dust. During this period, many mishaps occurs especially early morning crashes/ accidents and this can be caused by poor visibility and recklessness on the drivers’ part.

One major characteristics of harmattan is the prevalence of dust particles and these are some of the effects harmattan can have on the vehicle(s):

1. Effect on the Air Filter: The harmattan period affects not only the exterior of the vehicle but also the interior such as the air filter.

When the air filter is blocked by dust, air pressure for the combustion is significantly reduced and the engine over works which causes higher fuel consumption.

It is advised that the air filter be changed just before and after the harmattan seasons for improved efficiency and not after six months as it is done.

2. Visibility Effect. Driving through harmattan haze is very challenging. Visibility is nearly zero. Safety precautions are very important during this period. Always ensure you reduce speed, make sure headlights, Fog-lights. Pointer lights, brake lights and taillights are working when there’s need to turn on your light to help oncoming cars to see you.

3. Environmental Effect: Harmattan can leave dust residues on your car, this can cause visibility oxidation effects. It is advisable to wash car regularly. Car waxing is not a bad idea during this period.

Driving can be fun in harmattan as in other season if you follow the tips to stay safe and get the best performance on your car.

Start your week with a healthy dose of confidence on the roads. Visit any of our 14 test centres for a computerised inspection to carry out effective checks on your vehicle and give you an inspection report which will state the defects detected .

It’s a beautiful season, enjoy the weather and enjoy your vehicle…

Happy New Week

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