Today on Traffic Radio- The Need To Ensure School Bus Safety This Year 2019

Today on Traffic Radio- The Need To Ensure School Bus Safety This Year 2019


Let’s play a bit with statistics

February 13, 2018, it was reported that  22 secondary school students died on Tuesday in a road accident in Gaya local government area of Kano state involving collision with a truck. The children were on their way for an excursion.

March 2018, 2 children of Our Lady of Fatima Nursery and Primary School, Kuru Jos died while 96 others sustained injuries on their way to school which was traced to a brake failure.

A bus carrying over 20 school children caught fire at Trade Moore Estate, Lugbe, Abuja. It was a parked car that suddenly went up in flames.

Pockets of other crashes were recorded although not as massive as these other ones cited and probably not reported.

The fact is, either rented or institution owned, school buses must be tested to be functional, safe and fit to ply the roads.

This is because many at times, some school administrators, just like some members of the public, might assume that the school buses they use is in good condition simply because it has a glossy surface.

A school bus undergoing inspection at a LACVIS Centre
A school bus undergoing inspection at a LACVIS Centre

Our advice to such school owners who are yet to incorporate safety as a lifestyle, is that they should ensure they do the following:

  1. The driver of the school bus must possess a valid driver’s license. The good news is, as part of the drive to ensure safety on the roads, applicants are tasked in a CBT exams and practical by the VIS to ensure they are fully equipped with the right knowledge of the vehicle and road signs before they are issued a driver’s license.
  2. Make sure that all buses for schools use have a genuine Road Worthiness Certificates that is inclusive of a Vehicle Inspection report. Please note that your road worthiness certificate is incomplete without a vehicle inspection report from any LACVIS centres.
  3. Where in doubt, you can schedule your school bus, either rented or owned for a voluntary inspection at any of the LACVIS centres. Brakes, emission, alignment, suspension, topside and underneath inspection are what will be checked to make sure the vehicles are in good condition.

And it’s quite affordable. A coaster bus will pay N6,600 or N4,400 depending on if it is inclusive of the RWC.

We hope that if all school bus owners decide to do the right thing, we should be able to record less accidents involving school buses by taking preventive measures to curb road traffic crashes involving children and young adults who are the most vulnerable to injury.

N.B     All our 10 centres across LAGOS state are capable of inspecting school buses of all sizes.

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