How To Pass The Computerized Vehicle Inspection Test

How To Pass The Computerized Vehicle Inspection Test

It is no longer news that your vehicle needs to pass the computerized vehicle inspection test before it can be certified fit to be driven on the roads. Once the vehicle pass the test, a resident Vehicle Inspection Service (VIS)officer at any of the LACVIS centre will issue for the vehicle a road worthiness tag and certificate.

However, some people kept asking, “what can we do to make sure that our vehicles will pass the computerized inspection.” Well, I have always replied, “just ensure that all the safety components are working perfectly, conforming to safety and operational standards.”

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Irrespective of the vehicle type; either a Light Good Vehicle, LGV or a Heavy Duty Vehicle, HGV, the inspection process remains the same. The following are some of the vehicle parts that will be inspected:

  • Brakes and brakes efficiency
  • Steering
  • Chassis & chassis attachment
  • Emission test
  • Lighting system
  • Headlights
  • Alignment
  • Axle wheels
  • Tyres
  • Suspension, etc.
A vehicle undergoing the underneath inspection with the aid of a shaker plate machine.

So if you notice that any of these items are not in good condition, you might want to fix it before presenting it for inspection. At LACVIS, we only detect but don’t fix defects.

However, because some of these defects might be subtle in appearance or you might have been used to it that it doesn’t register as a defect, the best thing to do is to head over to any LACVIS centre. If any defects are discovered, you simply know what to repair without wasting too much time and money.

Basically, all you need to bring are the particulars of your vehicle and the vehicle itself. You may or may not be physically present for the inspection but many vehicle owners have expressed great satisfaction at the quality of service rendered. Some have also given us kudos on our social network accounts; @OfficialLACVIS for both our facebook page and twitter.

If you have scheduled your vehicle for inspection at any of our centres at Ojodu or Ikorodu, ensure that your vehicle is clean, neat and free of any breakable item. Cooperate with the officials as they guide you through the entire process. Once you are done and your vehicle passed the inspection, it’s fit for the roads!



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