The award celebrates stakeholders who have been strategic in promoting sustainable development in the transportation sector for the singular purpose of ensuring safety of lives and properties.

Specifically, the TLEA award celebrates the future of the transportation sector and heralds a definitive moment in creating quality service delivery, public services integrity, customer relations, and priority of lives to road users among others.

The Transport and Logistics Excellence Award (TLEA) is the highest honour accorded to stakeholders to recognize their outstanding achievements as a way to reward them for their contributions in the transportation sector such as:

1. Improving traffic management and enforcement
2. Establishing policies for functional and accessible road construction.
3. Deployment of technology and innovations in transport service delivery.
4. Setting an enviable standard in Customer Relations.
5. Promoting a healthier environment
6. Capacity development and enhancing quality service development
7. Supporting expansions in the transportation industry
8. Cultivating connections to ease the process of doing business in transportation sector
9. Promoting safety of lives and properties on the roads through sound value system and discharge of duties with a high level of professionalism.

Below is the speech by the MD of Temple Group, Mr Segun Obayendo,  to the members of the press at the briefing for the unveiling

It is really a great honour for me to address this noble gathering, to establish our own unique relationship and also find a way to chart a mutually beneficial path as regards our mandate.

Let me formally acquaint you with the maiden edition of the Transport and Logistics Excellence Awards (TLEA).

This award was conceived with the sole aim of recognising individuals, public and private corporations and any entity deserving of the recognition which you’ll agree with me haven’t been done much justice.

The Motor Vehicle Administration Academy (MVAA) is the arrowhead of this project. MVAA prides itself as the numero uno in delivering cutting edge technologies and pioneering the computerised vehicle inspection. The academy provides quality training and support on Motor Vehicle Administration Processes.

However, the scope of this award is much more holistic. For the first time in Nigeria, the country is going to be experience the beauty, glamour and sophistication of a truly authentic transportation sector award comprising all the modes of transportation: Sea, Land, Air and Rail.

We stand to be corrected, but never has one been done to celebrate professionals, technocrats and decision makers in all modes of transportation as TLEA hopes to achieve.

It’s an ambitious project, we agree. A novelty if we must say. However, the TLEA team is much committed to showcasing the fine blend of opportunities, resources, gains and frontiers that have been broken in pursuing a safer way of transportation for the benefits of the public.

What are the gains we hope to achieve you may want to ask. First, we want to be intentional about showcasing what some of giant strides these nominees have made in the sector.

It is no secret that the transportation sector contributes about 60% to the overall GDP of the country. However, either through deliberate attempt to subjugate these facts or that they are improperly articulated, many who deserve the credits hardly get it. So, the TLEA award is an opportunity to set the score right, to give honour to whom it is due and also to showcase how the entire economy has been made better off with these noble contributions.

Second, we also want the public to be aware of the transportation resources at their disposal. Some of the nominees have deployed technology, create seamless process for operations and also opened up opportunities that can be maximised by players in the industry. As a result of this award, so many people will know how much the transportation sector in the country has evolved to compete favourably with nations in similar clime.

Finally, the TLEA awards is an opportunity for us to give back to the society. MVAA, as stated earlier, is the pioneer of the computerised vehicle inspection in the country. Currently operational in over six states in the country, we have witnesses first hand how much people value safety and would go to great lengths to ensure that their safety is guaranteed. As a major player in the industry, it is our corporate responsibility to ensure that as they embrace the computerised vehicle inspection for vehicle safety on the roads, they are also exposed to other areas of safety that can be utilised to ensure a holistic balanced lifestyle.

Gentlemen of the press, permit me once again to express my profound pleasure of being able to articulate the vision behind the launch of the Transport and Logistics Excellence award.

We appreciate your presence and we do hope that you are convinced to sign up as partners as we take the gospel of safety to all nooks and cranny of the country, the continent and the entire world at large.

Thank you and enjoy the rest of the day.

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