In line with the procedure for ascertaining the Road Worthiness of Vehicles in Lagos State, the Lagos State Government Vehicle Inspection Service has commenced operation of its Computerised Vehicle Inspection service.
Below are some of the things you need to know about the new computerised vehicle inspection process.

The Lagos State government is determined to ensure that accidents on the roads are reduced to the barest minimum hence, it is expected that road users subject their vehicles for inspection.

Failure to do so is a punishable offence under the law.

As soon as you bring in your vehicle for inspection, a Marshal welcomes you at a dedicated holding area for your vehicle. He will collect your particulars (Vehicle license and previous road worthiness certificate) and hand you over to a front desk officer who will authenticate your particulars.

Once your records are verified, you will be required to pay the appropriate fees and be directed to a waiting room where you can watch the entire vehicle inspection process.

It takes about 15- 20 minutes to get your vehicle inspected.

LACVIS caters to fleet operators of both Heavy Duty Vehicles and Light Duty Vehicles and domestic vehicle owners. Hence the fees vary depending on the category of vehicle and its engine capacity.

Quite affordable. Depending on the vehicle type and its engine capacity, considerations have been made to ensure that the value you get for the vehicle inspection is commensurate with the test fee.

However, all payments are one off and could include both for vehicle inspection and road worthiness fee.

The computerised test result is analysed by a certification officer. If your vehicle passes the test, you get a Vehicle Inspection Report and a Road Worthiness Certificate from a resident vehicle inspection officer.

If however, the vehicle fails the inspection, the certification officer will tell you the defect(s) found and you will be advised to fix the defects and return for a retest before 30 days.

No. After fixing the defects, you can come for a free test during the 30 days validity period. However, if you bring in the vehicle after the 30 days validity period, you will have to pay again to have your vehicle inspected.

Yes you can. The report is easy to read and understand and you’ll find answers to questions you may want to ask. However, our certification officer will still guide you through the report to clarify and answer further questions you may want to ask.

When you bring in your vehicle for inspection, it will be handed over to one of our highly dedicated inspection officers. They are trained to handle all types of vehicles and to ensure that your personal belongings are secured all through the process.

Yes you can. To ensure safety of your vehicle at all time, you can run an independent check at any of our centres.


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