The Dream Team of LACVIS Continues To Deliver Exceptional Customer Service Delivery

The Dream Team of LACVIS Continues To Deliver Exceptional Customer Service Delivery

This year’s Customer Service Week tagged “Dream team 2020” kicks off with high expectations. In keeping with tradition, many international brands have used this occasion to connect with their customers and of course, LACVIS, is no exception.

The customer service week is an annual international celebration that takes place during the first full week in the month of October. It is an opportunity to highlight the importance of customer service and place premium on those who interface with the customers regularly.
At LACVIS, our first point of contact, our front desk officers, have the most opportunity to interface with stakeholders and customers on a daily basis. It has been a rewarding experience for them as they that take in doses of trainings and will power to surmount the challenges of dealing with the different personalities that make up our customer base.
LACVIS is proud of its dream team ; the Management, inclusive of Heads of Departments, Front Desk Officers, Vehicle Inspectors and Technical Officers. They give meaning to the organisation input and make it a tangible experience that we serve to our customers.
We are quite appreciative of our stakeholders who give wings to our numerous ideas for exceptional customer service delivery and make them fly.
In the course of the week, we’ve had series of positive feedbacks from clients across all our test centres testifying on how we have actively listened and responded appropriately to all their needs and given them quality services that beat their expectations. We won’t take this for granted as we value all feedback and act on them to improve in the services we render.
The LACVIS social media landscape was dotted with colourful e-banners showcasing our commitment to the customer service week

So far, the week has been an amazing experience  with the Dream Team at their best to keep our clients at the core of our every activity and making them happy by satisfying them with our services and providing world class solutions to all issues.

We are pleased to say that everything we do at LACVIS is based on finding ways to better serve our clients and leaving them with great memory experience. While we won’t relent in making our services topnotch to our client, we look forward to a better customer service week 2021.


If you have ever experienced the LACVIS memorable experience, kindly drop some notes in the comment section and let’s all savour the beauty of exceptional customer service delivery.

Your Trust in Safety is Safe with us at LACVIS.

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