COVID -19 Pandemic: How To  Maintain Your Vehicle During The Lockdown.

COVID -19 Pandemic: How To Maintain Your Vehicle During The Lockdown.

The discovery of the Coronavirus into the country has unexpectedly limited the number of activities Nigerians can undertake.
Coupled with the lockdown declared by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, many people have had no reason to move around in their vehicles.
However, as we hope for an end to this lockdown, how do we maintain our vehicle so as to make it functional when the lockdown is over?
The following should be considered;
Protect your battery. Run your vehicle for at least 20 minutes and move your vehicle at least every 3 days.
These will help the battery cell from getting weak or swollen.
Keep both the interior and exterior of the car free from dust, grime and spills. Use a dust cover and ensure you aerate your car to prevent horrid smell. Test all the features in the car and make sure that all are in good condition in case it is needed for emmergency situations.
Moving your car protects your tyres from damage as prolonged parking at a spot for a long period of time can affect the tyres. You also want to avoid rodents such as Rat,cat,snakes, from making a wheel their cosy spot.
You also want to be proactive to self maintain your vehicle and check your engine oil level,coolant,brake fluid,power steering fluid even before you turn on the engine.
Once the lockdown is over, before undergoing any major trip, head to the nearest LACVIS centre to have a thorough inspection of the vehicle to determine it’s road worthiness status
As a safety organization we have no doubt that if we continue to fight in unity, COVID-19 will be defeated and we will come out victorious as we always do.
Stay Home and Stay Safe

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