We are in the season where so many people will get gifts of different kinds.

It is also fairly common to get car gifts during this season.

So although you may be thrilled to receive that gift, you must also make sure that the gift is not going to cause you so much pain or accidents on the roads.

So what do you do when you get a car gift, especially if it is not a brand new car?

1. The first thing is to research the history of the vehicle. Thankfully, in Lagos State, it is possible for you to get to know the history of a vehicle with the Autovin technology used by the Vehicle Inspection Service.

The positive side to it is that it is compulsory to get the Autovin analysis /result in the course of processing your vehicle documents.

So, we want to advice vehicle owners to support the government and make sure they cooperate with the VIO when they inform them that there will be a need to get the Autovin done.

2.Each brand of vehicle has its own mechanical challenges and getting the inspection carried out makes it easy to spot if there are defects in the vehicles or not.

The more exotic the vehicle is the need for you to know the exact status of the vehicle.

Gone are the days of manual check, our equipment are sophisticated to test all kinds of vehicles, even the most exotic of vehicles.

3. Finally, you get to have a vehicle inspection report which details all the faults discovered, if any.

You may not have the luxury of taking the vehicle for a test drive immediately after receiving it but be assured that when you bring the vehicle for inspection at any LACVIS centre, it is as good as taking your vehicles for a test drive.

This is so because of inspection equipment simulates the conditions of a typical Nigerian road to know how well the vehicle will function on the road.

So, now that you have fulfilled the entire necessary requirement to get your vehicle inspected, be assured that you can now enjoy your car gift in peace.

And with the computerised inspection, you have successfully contributed to the spread of road safety to you and other road users.
Have a great day.

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