5 Things To Know Before Paying For The Computerised Vehicle Inspection

5 Things To Know Before Paying For The Computerised Vehicle Inspection

It is no longer news that Lagosians have begun to embrace the new innovation in getting their road worthiness certificate, RWC. However, some people have asked, how much does it cost to pay for the RWC? How do I pay and where can I pay?

Paying for the RWC inclusive of the computerized vehicle inspection is so easy. With the aid of technology, the payment process is now seamless and integrated for easier use.

So, if you are preparing to get your RWC which is inclusive of a computerized vehicle inspection, here are 5 facts to know before paying for the exercise.

  1. The RWC fee is inclusive of vehicle inspection. It is possible to pay for inspection only if you are just inspecting your vehicle for the purpose of knowing its safety status. However, you pay the full amount to get the RWC. All fees are government approved.

2. The amount to be paid depends on the category of the vehicle and the engine capacity. For example, the amount paid on a 1.6 Toyota Corolla categorized as a commercial vehicle is different from the same car categorized as private vehicle.

3. There are four different payment platforms available for payment. At each Lagos Computerised Vehicle Inspection Service, LACVIS centre and other VIS centres, you can pay with your ATM card on the payment kiosk. Other means of payment include: Web pay, One Pay and Mobile App. These payment channels are coordinated by the receiving officer.

4. The amount paid is tied to the category of the vehicle and the engine capacity. This is why you must cooperate with the front desk officers or any authorized officer to ensure that all the details of your vehicle documents are authentic. Failure to do so might render your payment void.

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5. Each of these payment options are authenticated with an automated receipt printed at the point of payment. The receipt carries a unique number which validates the authenticity of your transaction. This is why it is advisable that you don’t patronize touts but make the effort to visit the nearest Lagos Computerised Vehicle Inspection Service, LACVIS centre.

As you can see, paying for a RWC to ensure safety on the roads is so easy. For some, the fact that their vehicles will actually be inspected with sophisticated gadgets at a computerized vehicle inspection test centre is a great relief to them. Many more have stated that they believe they are getting value for the money paid for the inspection. Others say they are now more confident driving on the roads as they feel safer after their vehicles have gone through the computerized inspection.

So, schedule your vehicle for a test today. You can send a mail to info@lacvis.com or visit www.lacvis.com to know more about how to bring your vehicle to any of the LACVIS centre.

You can also join the conversation on Facebook: @OfficialLACVIS and on Twitter @OfficialLACVIS.

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